Mobile payment apps that have innovative features and functionality

There are payment methods such as that of an e-wallet that has more features than the basic usage. An e-wallet can store, send, and receive funds. But, if you will take the time to explore the features, you would realize that e-wallets are multi-functional.


Using an e-wallet 

Many of us are not aware that we are using an e-wallet. We may have downloaded the app quite some time ago and have been using it to send and receive funds, and to make an online payment at international shopping sites. We might not even be aware that we are using a peer-to-peer (P2P) app. When we first download it, it may be because we have an overseas client that wants to send us a payment via that channel. So we get the payment application, upload the requirements to create an account, and link it to our bank, debit/credit card, or to another e-wallet to be able to cash out. 

As an exchange 

When we have an e-wallet, we can choose among the options to accept the payment transaction in a certain currency such as USD or even as cryptocurrency like BTC. Then, in a few clicks, we can key-in the amount that we want to exchange into our local currency to cash it out through any of our linked accounts. The exchange typically has a transaction fee but if there is none, we might get a lower rate than the prevailing market rate. 

Currency exchange 

If it is possible for us to wait until the exchange rate is higher, then we can store the funds in the e-wallet until we may avail of the higher rate. However, waiting for the exchange rate of some currencies to get higher may take some time, as the prevailing rate does not go higher or lower fast. 

Cryptocurrency exchange 

When it comes to the exchange rate of cryptocurrency, these go up and down quite fast. In a few minutes, the amount can shoot up high and it is worth monitoring. There are some e-wallets in the local currency such as that of US dollars that can convert the indicated amount into cryptocurrency such as that of Bitcoin

Cash-out options

We may be able to convert our funds that are kept stored in our e-wallets into physical cash. We typically can withdraw the amount we opt to cash out through an ATM. We may also transfer the funds digitally to our other financial accounts like that of a debit card, another e-wallet, or a bank account. 

Transaction fees 

Some of these transfers have a fee like when we move our money from an e-wallet to a bank account. There may also be a transaction fee for moving the funds to our debit or credit cards. It is important to know how much fees we have to pay for the funds transfer. If the fees are high, it is a good idea to study the other options for fund transfers and use the one that has low or no transfer fees.